10 интересных бодипозитивных Instagram-аккаунтов

Психологи утверждают, что социальные сети могут по-разному влиять на наше эмоциональное состояние.

Но следует отметить, что, избавив себя от нежелательного контента, вы сможете избегать лишних переживаний и нервов. Отписаться от сообществ и людей, которые раздражают вас активностью, еще недостаточно. Для хорошего настроения нужно еще и окружить себя положительной информацией.

Одним из отличных феноменов развития соцсетей является движение бодипозитивных людей, которые делятся уверенностью и любовью со своими подписчиками. Такие аккаунты напоминают нам, что красота – это душевное состояние, а не атрибуты модельной внешности.

Мы предлагаем вам посмотреть (и подписаться) на 10 необычных бодипозитивных девушек в Instagram.

1. Corissa Enneking, 161 тысяч подписчиков

2. Ericka Hart, 98 тысяч

Most interviews I have done over the past two years have asked, “how do you feel about your body post double mastectomy?” Or “how do you feel about your new body, did it take awhile to get used to it?” This question, ableist as it is, presumes that I had to jump over some hurdle to accept what they have decided is now an abnormal body. But what I find interesting is how I have always been apathetic about my breasts. Honestly, about most of my body parts. They were there to serve its function or to fit in clothes but other than that, it didn’t matter and I paid very little attention to my body, just like the books, media, boys/girls I liked did. What I wish I was asked in interviews: how do you relate to your position in the world now that you have read the works of black scholars? Do you now see that your apathetic nature surrounding your body was rooted consistent with an indoctrinated politic that said “your body doesn’t matter.” This presumed problem of bodies has been a very white conversation and so not about my breasts. It has never been about breasts. People have picked and prodded at my skin, my hair, how I speak, what I’m wearing, if it looks a mess or not, where I fit into society relative to a white beauty ethic, but the last thing people have regarded is my body. There was a whole nationwide campaign called #blacklivesmatter to enforce that we exist in corporeality. That shows up in more ways than fatal police shootings of black folk. The messaging in this country is simply, we are undesirable. Black people are not supposed to have sex, or only have sex when you say, how you say. Sex does not belong to black bodies, definitely not black femme bodies. Sex belongs to white bodies, the only ones worthy of being desired. I see my body now. I don’t place value on it, cause just seeing my body and honoring its existence is enough. ? by @rubcha ? by @suzygerstein ? by @jasonikeler| @heyguysheyphoto ? by @asilverman23 ??‍♀️ by @ryaustinhair @cosmopolitan

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3. Lornalitz Baez, 108 тысяч подписчиков.

Mood: 88 degrees today ? Suns out, Buns out! #caliwinter

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4. Jessica Torres, 95 тысяч.

5. Ruby Allegra,  24 тысячи подписчиков.

Y’know what? Disabled people have butts too. Disabled people wear lingerie too. Disabled people send nudes too (how shocking! ?). Heck, disabled people even feel sexy sometimes too. I’m tired of shrinking and hiding my sexuality because society tells me that my sexuality is a taboo, that it makes people uncomfortable, that it’s shameful. Y’know what? Fuck that noise. I have a butt. I like my butt. My butt shouldn’t be be more shocking than cisgender, able-bodied butts on Instagram. You don’t like it? Jog on. I have no more time or energy for making myself palatable for the consumption of the abled gaze. Yeah, I’m lookin’ at you over there. You feeling uncomfortable? Disturbed? I think you’ve got a bit of ableism stuck in your teeth. Just there. On another note, I wanna see more disabled butts on here. Leave a ? if you agree ? #disabledbutts #disBABEled #disabledandcute #cripplepunk #cpunk . . . [Image description: Ruby is sitting on their bathroom counter taking a photo in the mirror from behind. They are wearing pink lace underwear and a grey tshirt.]

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6. Движение PLUMP.ph. 19 тысяч подписчиков.

7. Simone Mariposa, 106 тысяч.

Sharp like a bee sting ? outfit| @fashionnovacurve shoes| @torridfashion

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8. Tanesha Awasthi, 293 тысячи подписчиков.

Happy Monday all! I don’t think I’ve ever done a “10 things about me” post, so here goes! 1. I’m a mom of three – an English Bulldog named Kingston (whom I call Kingy, age 6), a little boy named Narayan (who I call Nyan, age 4), and a newborn baby girl named Madina (whom I call Mina, age 6 weeks). 2. I’m multi-racial American (mostly African and Caucasian descent) and my husband is 100% Indian, from New Delhi, India. (My maiden last name is Ferguson, married name is Awasthi – pronounced Uh-was-tea) 3. I’m a full-time lifestyle blogger, covering Style, Beauty and Living over on GirlWithCurves.com (+ YouTube!) and you can always find my outfit details posted here on IG on my blog at GirlWithCurves.com/shop/Instagram or follow me on Liketoknow.it 4. I’m the oldest of 6! I have 4 little sisters and 1 brother. We all resemble, but we have different skin tones and hair textures. 5. I live in the SF Bay Area, but I’m in NY very often for work. 6. I’m 5’10” (and 6’2” in heels), size 12/14 on top and 16 on bottom with a size 12 foot. (And the sizes I’m wearing are always listed on the blog for reference in the details section where everything I’m wearing is also linked). 7. My hair is naturally curly and I love my curls, however, I didn’t until I was 22, when I met a girl with hair similar to mine who loved her curls. She inspired me to love my own. I stopped straightening my hair the next day and now I rarely go straight. I feel most like myself with my natural curls. 8. I have a degree in English from UC Berkeley (go Bears!) and I’m a licensed Esthetician 9. I battled eating disorders in my teens, then excessive exercise in my 20’s. It wasn’t until I injured myself so bad I could barely walk that I had a major wake-up call and learned to accept my body in its natural curvy state. (More about this on my About page on the blog at GirlWithCurves.com if you’re interested). 10. I have a very small circle of IRL friends who are mostly my sisters (#TrueStory), but I consider each and every woman I connect with through Girl With Curves a friend! ❤️ . . #aboutme #girlwithcurves #taneshaandmina #casualstyle #ootd #whatiwore #outfitinspo #styleblogger #stylishmom

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9. Carol Parker Walsh, 6,5 тысячи.

Happy Sunday! ? #girlpower #wakandaforever

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10. Shay Neary, 21 тысяча подписчиков.

My identity isn’t optional. . I’m often told when dating, “I just see you as a woman, no one would ever know your trans.” To some trans women, that may be a wonderful compliment, about them feeling like a fellow woman, but to me personally… it’s the ultimate insult. . It says to me, that you don’t actually see me. You see a fantasy. You may see my imagery, but you lack to see my mind. Being transgender is my a part of my identify. To diminish my experience, and how personal it is, washes away my journey. . Just because my own identity, is capable of being hidden from the world, doesn’t mean I want it to be invisible. . I am not your secret. Nor will I ever, change my identity, to gain a life partner. If you want me, it’s a package deal, not just the parts that don’t scare you. I will not be made to choose between who I am, and who you desire me to be. . Being trans has helped shape my life. It given me a perception unlike my cisters. Conforming your gender to societal standards, is a matter of survival for a trans person, not pleasure. To exist within the middle ground of androgyny, can be extremely dangerous. . However, I will no longer take sanctuary in hiding away my truth, to live a life of complacency. . I am not cisgender woman and I never will be. I am a woman, but I’m a trans woman. A proud, loud, lovable, outspoken, fat trans woman… and I will be damned, before I let anyone ever diminish that. . This is me. Take it, or Leave it. . #slayyourownway #transgender #trans #m2f #transition #transdating #dating #girlslikeus #transisbeautiful #lgbtqia #gender #feminist #bopo #bodypositive #identity #fat #fattrans #bodydiversity #nude #model #speaker #genderidentity #life #selflove #selfawareness #change

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