Йога plus size: американка ломает стереотипы о внешнем виде тренера

Джессамин Стэнли бросает вызов общепринятым представлениям о том, как должно выглядеть тело женщины, которая занимается йогой.

Fat Femme, как называет себя сама Джессамин, в 2011 году по случайному стечению обстоятельств стала заниматься бикрам-йогой — йогой, которой занимаются в нагретом помещении.

I fell in love with the high quality + stylish @JCPenney athletic wear that I wore during the #HereIAm shoot- the shorts, leggings, and tops made me feel very strong, sexy, and confident. However, we rarely see fat bodied athletes wearing revealing clothing. I think it’s because we’re expected to hide our bodies beneath layers of fabric. However, feeling good about ourselves should be a universal value- and what better way to manifest self-love than by wearing the clothes we actually WANT to wear, instead of the clothes we’re expected to wear? Regardless of body shape or size, we’re all meant to live our best lives right now, at this exact moment. But let’s face it- confidence can be hard to maintain in the face of opposition. It may not come easy, but confidence is more worthwhile than almost anything else in this world. I maintain confidence by reminding myself that I am meant to be unique- and the unexpected bits of my body and personality are the best parts. How do you maintain confidence? #sponsored

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Сегодня 30-летняя жительница американского штата Северная Каролина — сертифицированный преподаватель йоги, а у ее инстаграма 358 тысяч подписчиков.

От других инструкторов йоги девушка действительно отличается размером — сама Стэнли это понимает и не стесняется обсуждать отношение к полным людям в современных спортзалах.

While recording the first episode of my @stitcher_podcasts show, I thought "oh shit, everyone is bout to find out that I'm crass and problematic af." Yoga pictures make everyone seem gentle, but ya girl is frequently one breath away from a verbal sucker punch. Then I remembered that white cisdicks have been given free reign to be problematic and offensive for centuries….so I'm not really reinventing the wheel, am I? People let their mammy flags fly sky high when it comes to black femmes- we're expected to give wise advice while allowing strangers to sit on our laps and touch our hair, all without hurting anyone's feelings. But I'm rejecting the notion of the polite black femme- because she ain't me. Touch my hair and see what happens. Reclaiming my agency to be a complex human being who sounds like an asshole sometimes. Martin had a dream, and a bitch is just trying to live the dream. Listen to the first episode of 'Jessamyn Explains It All' by clicking the link above OR go to stitcherpremium.com/jessamyn! Yes, it's available ONLY on Stitcher Premium- use the code 'JESSAMYN' for one free month of listening! Photo by the cisdick who sees the real me, @justincookphoto Underwear is by @lanebryant

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Джессамин начала заниматься дома во многом из-за того, что к полным людям в фитнес-клубах отношение действительно особенное — и со стороны других тренирующихся, и со стороны тренеров.

We got into a conversation about the cultural appropriation of yoga during a recent podcast recording and it made me think- why the fuck doesn't anyone in the Modern Yoga world talk about this openly? I think it's because no one wants to be labeled as guilty of appropriation. Which is really effing awkward bc…most of us are guilty of it to some degree. Myself included. Maybe because the quest for spiritual identity has a tendency to get muddled and turn into unintentional identity theft. But when we try to act blameless, it's just more annoying. Silence doesn't make you blameless- it just makes you look ignorant. And if yoga is really about looking within the self, shouldn't that allow each practitioner to foster a deeper connection with their own unique cultural identity? And if we resist inquiry of our own identity in favor of stealing a new one, doesn't that completely belittle the practice of yoga? Y'all's questions, both email and voicemail, are giving me life and bringing up new questions in my own practice. "Jessamyn Explains It All" will launch on @stitcher_podcasts in mid-January but you can leave a voice message or shoot me an email whenever you want- my phone # is 984-329-2185 or you can email info@jessamynexplainsitall.com! Throwback to practicing #headstands in my Boston hotel room last week. These jeans were in my @diaandco bc & they're everything- they're made by @lyssefashion. The socks are @forever21.

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По ее словам, большие люди просто хотят потренироваться на совесть и уйти домой, зачастую им не нужно пристальное внимание тренеров и уж тем более группы. Поразмыслив, Стэнли решила, что комфортнее ей будет заниматься дома, и завела инстаграм, чтобы отслеживать свой прогресс.

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