The war in Ukraine. Main events of the Day 30

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine have killed Russian lieutenant-general Yakov Rezantsev, commander of the 49th of the All-Military Army of the Southern Military District.
  • Thanks to trophies, the Ukrainian army now has 43 more tanks than before the war.
  • The enemy is building up its fleet of ships in the Sea of Azov. A small minesweeper Valentin Pikul, a Naberezhnye Chelny missile boat and two landing craft were recorded to pass through the Kerch Strait.
  • 2 Russian missiles have hit Ukrainian military unit near Dnipro.
  • Russia fired 6 cruise missiles at Vinnytsia.
  • U.S. officials say that Russian precision-guided missiles are failing up to 60% of the time.
  • According to eyewitness reports, about 300 people are believed to have died in a Russian attack on a theater in Mariupol nine days ago.
  • The mayor of Trostyanets reported that the Ukraine’s defense forces are liberating the city from the russian occupiers.
  • Though Territorial Defense Forces had repulsed a first attack, Slavutych now is surrounded by Russian forces.
  • he battalion-tactical group of the 200th separate motorized infantry division of the Russian Federation die all its members except three soldiers.
  • The 200th motorized rifle brigade of the RF Armed Forces lost 645 soldiers, which means that only 3 soldiers of the Battalion Tactical Group stayed live.

Photo: Felipe Dana, Aris Messinis

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