The war in Ukraine. Main events of the Day 32

  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting counteroffensive operations in Sumy, Kharkiv, Kherson and Kyiv regions.
  • The Village of Husarivka in Kharkiv region was liberated by the Ukrainian army. Meanwhile Russian troops moved further in the Izyum direction.
  • Russia was able to accumulate reserves and launched active offensive operations. The enemy focused on attempts to encircle Ukrainian troops in the area of The Joint Forces Operation, capture Mariupol and hold Kherson.
  • About 80 missiles were fired at Lviv on March 26. 72 of them did not reach the target due to a malfunction or due to the work of Ukrainian air defenses. It was the largest single strike by Russian forces.
  • The town of Boyarka in the south of Kyiv region came under Russian fire for the first time.
  • Ukraine plans to create military units of captured Russians who have voluntarily decided to oppose the Kremlin.

Photo: Alex Kent

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